Reduce Eye Fatigue

Enhance Clarity and Vision for Drivers

Day Driving – Reduce Eye Fatigue

In the early summer morning or late afternoon, the sun’s glare is a daily problem. Strong sunlight strains your eyes and reduces the optical contrast of your road condition, causing discomfort to eyes.

Night Driving – Reduce Glare from Oncoming Vehicles

Vehicle headlamps use Xenon and Halogen bulbs, which have a strong yellow spectrum (glare). NEOSKY specifically filters the 570nm-590nm wave length to reduce the discomfort from car headlights during night driving.

Beyond Polarization – Light and Reflection Filtering on Wet Days

On rainy nights, streetlamps and vehicle lights reflected on the road surface and makes it difficult to define road lines and markings.

While conventional polarization technology reduces glare and reflection under strong light conditions, NEOSKY is able to cut reflected light and defines colors with higher precision under these low-light conditions.