Heat Reduction

Lower Solar Transmittance and Cooling Costs

Solar Radiation is transmitted through vehicle glass, reflected from the glass or absorbed. Most windshields transmit most of the Solar Energy as only a small portion is reflected or absorbed by the clear glass. The heat generated by the late-morning or afternoon sun results in car cabins becoming unbearably hot during driving.

NEOSKY is able to reduce the Solar Transmittance and improve the cooling efficiency of vehicle air-conditioning system. Driving comfort is enhanced and energy consumption is reduced with the installation of window films.

In these images taken by an infrared thermal camera, it demonstrates that the solar heat penetrating your glass declines when using NEOSKY. By effectively blocking infrared radiation, NEOSKY prevents outside heat from infiltrating the interior of your car, providing a more pleasant driving experience with an adequate amount of sunlight.

The above picture shows the temperature differences between parts of the glass with and without NEOSKY films. Close-examination with the thermal imaging camera reveals temperatature difference of up 13 Degree Celsius.